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  • Freya Whittington

Let the blogging begin!

Hello! It's my first blog!

So I've had my website for a number of years now, but the idea of writing a blog has always seemed a bit scary to me. It's always felt like it would be broadcasting my diary to everybody or something! But over the last year or so I've been lucky enough to befriend a number of other photographers and creative business people who all talk about the importance of having a blog and have all taught me that embracing the blog isn't such a bad idea after all!

I'm hopefully going to be writing about lots of different things, such as why I think photography is so important (And no, It's not just because it's my job) writing about some of the shoots I work on and families I work with, and just generally trying to share my experiences with you, so you can get an idea of what I'm like!

So that's all for now folks, I'll be back soon with a "proper" post!

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